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Published: Thu, 03/30/17

Issue No. 2, March 2017
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Applications Due April 15
There's still time for students to get D4TS scholarship applications in by the April 15th deadline. Please share our opportunity with anyone you know with TS who could benefit from our scholarship to apply. This is our favorite time of the year because the students who apply are the core of D4TS's mission. We are here to help them and it's wonderful to see the results of all your support in helping these students with Tourette's succeed in college. In a recent article in the Delray Newspaper..
A Happier Life with TS
Have you heard? There's a new book out on the market, "Tourette Syndrome: 10 Secrets to a Happier Life!" It was produced in partnership with the Tourette Association of America's Center of Excellence program and brings together 10 clinical and research experts in Tourette Syndrome from the University of ... 
Hats Off to Our Students
Your donations and support of our events means the world to us, but education takes place all year 'round. Every day students with Tourette Syndrome struggle with the distractions of their tics as they try to study and succeed and in college. We take our "hats off" to students who have Tourette Syndrome. As part of our "Hats off to Education" Club your monthly donation can ensure that Dollars 4 Tic Scholars has the resources needed to support the educational goals of these very determined students. To join our "Hats Off to Education" Club and commit a very much appreciated monthly donation to D4TS, click here: www.dollars4ticscholars.org/monthly-giving.
We Won the Race for Scholarships!
The D4TS Derby was a night to remember! We had a galloping good time with everyone who attended. Thanks to your participation, our raffle item contributors, horse owners, and wonderful sponsors, we raised enough money to provide...
Supporter Spotlight - Scott Anderson
Scott Anderson recently started a much-needed Boca Raton Support Group through the Tourette Association of Florida. The group meets once a month at the West Boca Raton Library. Scott and his wife Karen recently attended our D4TS Derby scholarship Fundraiser, shown here. We asked Scott to comment on the work of Dollars 4 Tic Scholars.

"I have Tourette Syndrome, and recently attended the Dollars 4 Tic Scholars annual event," said Scott. "I was so impressed by this event and its ...
3rd Annual Summer Camp Paint Party Scheduled for June 4!
Just because our main event of 2017 was a month ago, doesn’t mean we’re slowing down. We’re gearing up for our 3rd Annual D4TS Summer Camp Paint Party! Every year, we host the Summer Camp Paint Party during Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month, which lies between May 15th and June 15th. The Paint Party helps us raise funds to sponsor two children per year to Camp Twitch and Shout, a Tourette Syndrome summer camp ...
Opportunities for You
At D4TS we love our volunteers because they are the ones who further the mission of our organization and make things happen. While we have many wonderful volunteers for our events and day to day activities, we encourage more people to come out and help.

We specifically are looking for someone who is a grant writer or has previous experience in grant writing and could help gain additional grant funds for D4TS. We also are always looking for new Board Members. Becoming a Board Member is a ....
Mission:  Dollars 4 Tic Scholars
To encourage students with Tourette Syndrome to attend college and to stay in college through awarding college scholarships as an investment in their future contributions to society
We Couldn't Do it Without You!
Dollars 4 Tic Scholars wishes to thank its dedicated Selection Committee, event volunteers, generous donors, raffle sponsors, restaurant sponsors, and event attendees. A warm thank you to everyone who helps make Dollars 4 Tic Scholars possible. We're looking forward to 2017 scholarship awards and the difference we can all make in the lives of our students who have Tourette Syndrome.
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